Members of the COBREW team meeting with the Head Brewer of Conflux Brewing Company
Taylor Woods talking with one of the owners of Conflux Brewing Company
Taylor Woods and Head Brewer taking a look at Conflux Brewing company under construction
The COBREW team and Head Brewer meeting inside Conflux Brewing Company under construction


Conflux Brewing Company in Missoula, MT will become the first brewery to be CO2 sustainable since inception. Only a few other breweries on the planet recycle their CO2 but none before now have done it from Day 1. Their aggressively hopped IPA's, NW style pale ales, European ales and lagers along with seasonal specialties will be carbonated using the carbon dioxide other batches produced during fermentation.  Breweries produce up to 13 pounds of CO2 per barrel of beer produced and almost all breweries allow that into the atmosphere. This day marks a great leap in brewery sustainability in Montana and the world as carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by up to 90% during normal operations and allow Conflux to become its own CO2 supplier.

Conflux will also be the first brewery to partner with CO Brew within Missoula city limits. Conflux is achieving this milestone with the use of a carbon dioxide recycling system engineered and built by CO Brew.  CO Brew is a brewing technology company focused on providing carbon dioxide recovery systems for small and medium sized craft breweries and cideries.  The technology the company has created, the CO Brew Gas Recovery System, features breakthrough designs that will allow small and medium craft breweries to capture and reuse their greenhouse gas emissions as ingredients.