Frequently Asked Questions



What does the system do?

The CO Brew Gas Recovery System collects, cleans and liquefies carbon dioxide vapor from fermentation into beverage grade liquid carbon dioxide as well as providing an easy to use gas offtake platform.

How does the system work?

Gas is collected from the fermenters through a master input manifold, tested for oxygen content then directed into the system where it undergoes dehydration and polishing before it is compressed and cooled into a liquid.

How much maintenance is there?

The CO Brew Gas Recovery system requires minimal maintenance. A brewer must check the lubrication oil in the Stage 2 compressor weekly, change gas dryer filters as needed and change the gas polisher filters monthly. Maintenance will not exceed an average of 5 minutes per week.

Assistance by phone can be provided Monday - Friday between 8am and 5pm. Contact us to schedule a time.

How much does the brewery CO2 recovery system cost?

Pricing is based on a number of factors including required production platform, required storage platform, number of tank connections and brewery annual production.


Our systems save breweries up to 30% on their CO2 costs.


Contact us and provide some information about your brewery and we can create a proposal that includes pricing and payback estimates.

What is it made of?

Beverage grade components are used for all gas interaction points. Primary materials include 6061 Aluminum, 304 Stainless Steel, 316 Stainless Steel, EPDM, PTFE, Carbon Steel, Lead-Free Brass, Activated Carbon, Silica Dessicant

What is the ROI?

The Co2 as a Service (CaaS) leasing model does not generate a customer ROI as the equipment is not purchased by the brewery. However, CaaS has resulted in immediate savings that average 10% - 15%.

How big is it?

B3 systems measure 2’ x 2.5’ for a 5 ft2 footprint, D1 systems measure 2’ x 5’ for a 10 ft2 footprint and every 540 lb. of storage requires 4 ft2 on a 2’ x 2’ platform. All units measure 79’’ tall.

How easy is it to use?

The CO Brew Gas Recovery System is very easy to use. To initiate processing, the brewer hooks up the tank side connection using a standard tri-clamp fitting, hookups up the system side connection using a standard tri-clamp fitting and turns one switch. The system takes it from there, collecting, cleaning and liquefying the gas without additional human intervention.

What can I use the gas for?

CO Brewed gas can be used for any current application including (but not limited to) – keg cleaning, transfer, carbonation, packaging and draught lines.

What if my brewery is growing?

The CO Brew Gas Recovery System is modular in that storage can be added to meet increasing CO2 needs. Additional fermentation connections can be added when the brewery acquired new tanks.

Where can it be located?

The production platform and storage platform must be located inside. However, the platforms do not need to be in close proximity to each other, end use equipment or fermentation tanks.  It is recommended to located the production platform as close as possible to the fermentation tanks and the storage platform as close as possible to the production platform.

Can we fill 5 lb. cylinders?

We have an equipment add-on for small cylinder filling in our product pipeline with an expected launch date of Q4 2018.

Can it be put outside?

Units cannot be put outside at this time.  We are developing an outdoor storage platform to allow outdoor storage in all conditions. However, the production platform will have to remain indoors.

What are the power requirements?

Power requirements are 220 VAC, single phase with a dual pole 30 amp main breaker.

How long is the wait to get the system?

Production lead times are 4-6 months from contract signing.

What are the general purchase terms and conditions?

• One year limited warranty.

• Purchaser assumes shipping costs.

• CO Brew will coordinate shipping.

• 50% of total purchase price is due on signing

• Remaining balance due prior to delivery.

• By signing the P.O., the purchaser accepts all terms and conditions, including future changes.

• All sales are final.

• CO Brew is not responsible for feed gas composition. CO Brew is not responsible if feed gas is high in Oxygen.

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