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Sustain:epreneur Podcast: Craft Brewing Has Gone Sustainable

Our Founder / CEO, Taylor Woods, sat down with Nate Hansen for the Sustain:epreneur podcast to talk about bringing sustainability to the craft brewing industry. As Nate says, "You’ll be amazed at how he’s doing it and it just might make you love your favorite beer even more."


Senator Jon Tester Meets with CO Brew at Lolo Peak Brewery

Senator Jon Tester met with CO Brew to learn more about brewery CO2 recovery. It was a great start to the year for CO Brew and sustainable brewing! Tester said, "I'm impressed by your vision and commitment to our environment. Sustainability and good beer is a win-win for Montana."

Entrepeneur Makes Craft Beer More Sustainable

Daily Interlake

Any burgeoning industry presents opportunities for entrepreneurs to make the production process more efficient, and the craft brewing renaissance of recent years is no different.

Taylor Woods, a Missoula-based entrepreneur and University of Montana Business School alum, has devised a way to capture carbon dioxide emitted during the fermentation process, clean it and recycle it for use in the carbonation process later on...